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New volunteer procedures for those working for year end points is as follows:

  1. Volunteers will check in at the show office with the Show Secretary Assistant 15-10 minutes ahead of the assigned time of service. Signature or Initials and time of arrival are needed on the sign in sheet posted in the show office.
  2. At the end of the service the volunteer with AGAIN go to the show office and sign out with signature or initial and time. The Show Secretary Assistant will fill out the volunteer service receipt and give it to the volunteer at that time or it will be filed in the volunteer's or recipients show folder. Time
  3. The Show Secretary Assistant will then attach a copy of the receipts with a copy of the sign-in/sign-out volunteer sheet and give to the Point Secretary.
  4. Copies of volunteer hours accrued will be distributed at general membership meeting and on the www.nshav.com website at NSHA V Board of Directors discretion.
    For out of state members only. If you request and receive a meeting waiver for 2019, you may work the additional hours as described above or you may "buy off" the additional hours at the rate of $100 per hour. Please understand you must still perform your minimum 4 volunteer hours. Example: If you work your required 4 volunteer hours but cannot make the required 4 meetings, you would need to work an additional 2 hours for each missed meeting, = 8 hours or pay $800. It is the sole responsibility of the owner/exhibitor to make certain this criteria is met prior to December 1, 2019.

Please understand it may take multiple shows to work the minimum 4 hours required for all members who wish to qualify for Year End Awards. It is the sole responsibility of the owner/exhibitor to make certain this criteria is met prior to December 1, 2019.

Contact Volunteer Chair at gabbytimhollingsworth@gmail.com to reserve your volunteer dates/times. These reservations are made on first come, first serve basis.

September 21 & 22, 2019
Saturday Morning Announcer Ring Steward In Gate Out Gate Dressage Scribe 8 am until
lunch break
Volunteer Name          
Volunteering For          
Saturday Afternoon Announcer Ring Steward In Gate Out Gate Dressage Scribe After lunch till
end of show
Volunteer Name          
Volunteering For          
Sunday Morning Announcer Ring Steward In Gate Out Gate Dressage Scribe 8 am until
lunch break
Volunteer Name          
Volunteering For          
Sunday Afternoon Announcer Ring Steward In Gate Out Gate Dressage Scribe After lunch till
end of show
Volunteer Name          
Volunteering For          

NSHAV Volunteer Description
RING STEWARD -- Level of Difficulty -- CHALLENGING
The volunteer for this position should have stamina and a pleasant disposition.
  • He or she will be required to take direction from the judge, line up exhibitors, call the change of gaits and call results to the announcer via hand
  • He or she needs to ensure that the IN-GATE is clear when a large class is entering the arena. He or she may not discuss any comments the judge may make before, after or during the show.
  • This position requires someone who is not showing and/or any member of their family, because they are in contact with the judge
  • The volunteer should wear comfortable clothes and shoes, and should take in consideration that they will be viewed by spectators.
  • Ring Steward will also need to coordinate getting the judges' cards to the Show Secretary Office TIMELY to ensure smooth data entry for announcement of show high point awards.

OUT-Gate -- Level of Difficulty -- LIGHT
The volunteer for this position should be able to swing open and close the gate and secure it, keeping the gate closed during the class.
  • Hand ribbons (and trophies for the trophy show) to exhibitors as they leave the arena. This person should be able to identify the ribbon colors:
  • First Place -- Blue
  • Second Place -- Red
  • Third Place -- Yellow
  • Fourth Place -- White
  • Fifth Place -- Pink
  • Sixth Place -- No Ribbon
  • All exhibitors should be given a congratulations and or a smile as they leave the arena.
  • The volunteer should also have horse sense when giving out the ribbons, only hand out the ribbons rolled up and allow the horse and rider to approach quietly. Do not scare the horse by going too fast with the ribbon in hand fluttering or aggressively.
  • The volunteer will not hand out the ribbons in the arena but only when the exhibitor is exiting through the gate.
  • The volunteer should dress in comfortable clothing and hat, bring a chair and ice chest.

IN GATE -- Level of Difficulty -- MODERATE
The person for this position should be able to perform multiple tasks at the same time and be able to remain calm. They will be required to:
  • Check in exhibitors in advance of the next class working off class sheets provided to them from the office or office runner,
  • Run a 2 minute gate call using a stop watch in accordance with NSHAV rules (see premium -- show rules -- tack changes must be requested in show office);
  • Answer calls from the office, announcer, and Show Manager as requested;
  • Close and open the arena gate for each class.
  • If an exhibitor has not checked in, he/she will communicate via a two way radio to the announcer so the announcer can provide a courtesy barn call to that exhibitor.
  • If the volunteer has received instruction on how to use the radio to make a barn call for upcoming classes which are ready for check in. In addition, from time to time exhibitors will ask for a tack change when they are competing in back to back classes. When this occurs, the IN GATE person will notify the announcer so that he/she may announce that there will be a brief pause before the next class will be allowed to enter into the arena. Tack changes are typically allowed up to 5 minutes (see premium -- Show Rules).
  • The judge may allow exhibitors to enter into the class at will and will call the class once the exhibitor requiring a tack chance has entered into the arena.
  • Once the last exhibitor has entered into the arena, the IN GATE volunteer will close the gate.
  • The volunteer should be polite in answering all questions made by competitors however; he/she is not required to know all of the answers. They are however required to direct exhibitors to a board member if a question arises regarding rules that they cannot answer.
  • He/she must keep the In-Gate area clear of traffic to allow for exhibitors to enter in their respective classes at a walk or a jog/trot.
  • The In-Gate should NEVER be opened before the last horse has left the arena from the active class and the OUT-gate is closed.
  • The volunteer should dress in comfortable clothes, bring a chair, small table and ice chest.

ANNOUNCER -- Level of Difficulty -- TECHNICAL
This volunteer works in the announcer's booth above the show office or Main Arena. It is extremely helpful if this volunteer has experience with showing and can handle several radios/channels. This volunteer works directly by several radios, communicating directly with the ring steward, show manager, show secretary and in-gate. The announcer needs a clear voice and ability to organize information, work with a microphone and radios. The announcer may be provided a packet or folder with announcements requested during the show (during down times) by the Show Committee.
Trailer Pick-up and Drop-off
This volunteer will earn 2 volunteer hours per show. The Trail Class Equipment Trailer needs to be picked up from designated Storage location, delivered to Horseman's Park, Friday afternoon prior to each show. The trailer needs to be delivered from Horseman's Park Sunday afternoon to the designated storage location after the show/trail classes are completed. This volunteer is to contact the volunteer chair prior to each show to obtain location address.

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